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AimGain Sport GT86 Rear Diffuser
AimGain Sport GT86 Rear Diffuser

AimGain Sport GT86 Rear Diffuser

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Your Price: $760.00
Part Number: AG-AERO-GT86SPT-RD
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AimGain Sport GT86 Rear Diffuser 

New for 2021! 

Aimgain is a vehicle styling company established in May 2002 located in Hiroshima, Japan. They are best known for their stylish & dynamic design of aerodynamic components for popular Japanese sedans and coupes, with their full range offering parts for a large number of Japanese cars and a small handful of exotics. Every Aimgain design is created in-house by the Ito Brothers – two veterans in the Japanese vehicle styling industry. Each unique vehicle application features styling which provides a balance of aggressiveness & sophistication which is complemented with smooth, flowing lines. Aimgain’s work has graced the pages of many popular JDM publications and popular industry social networks. All of Aimgain’s aero components are manufactured using high quality materials and molds resulting in perfect fitment.

  • Price is for one (1) Rear Diffuser 
  • Material- Fiberglass (FRP)
  • Finish- Unpainted 

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 

For international clients, please email [email protected] for shipping quotation.

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