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Autoexe Aero Sports Wiper Blade - Mazda3 (BM/BY)/ Mazda6 (GJ)
Autoexe Aero Sports Wiper Blade - Mazda3 (BM/BY)/ Mazda6 (GJ)

Autoexe Aero Sports Wiper Blade - Mazda3 (BM/BY)/ Mazda6 (GJ)

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Autoexe Aero Sports Wiper Blade - Mazda3 (BM/BY) / Mazda6 (GJ) Pre-Facelift

Autoexe's Aero Sports Wiper Blade is a specially engineered wiper blade which includes a wind deflector on the arm joint of the blade. The wind deflector is made of ABS and has vortex generators; the design of the deflector generates air turbulence and reduces air resistance; even during high speed driving, the wiper blades are designed to have minimal movement. The blade arm has been carefully designed to make sure the blade rubber (not included) adheres evenly to the glass surface for maximum visibility whilst driving at high speeds. You can use factory or aftermarket wiper blades designed for your car with the Autoexe blades. 

For those who would like to purchase just the deflector, it is available for the Mazda6 (GJ, Facelift) and the CX-5 (KF) only. Click here for the deflector only set for those cars. 

Please note that there are two types of wiper blade shapes depending on your car - the A type (triangular), and B type (flat). This specific set will be the A type (Triangular)
  • Fits Mazda3 (BM/BY) and the pre-facelift Mazda6 (GJ)
  • Aerodynamic deflector made from ABS has vortex blades to increase turbulence and reduce drag
  • Wiper blade allows for the maximum amount of contact for the wiper blade 
  • Includes wiper blade and deflector. Wiper blade not included
  • Can work with OEM or aftermarket wiper blades for the same car. 
  • Driver side length: 600mm
  • Passenger side length: 450mm

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 

For international clients, please email [email protected] for shipping quotation 


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