A collection of Autoexe parts reviews for the Mazda CX-5. This will be continuously updated and is listed from newest to oldest review. For Japanese reviews, they have been translated to English.  

Name: San-Chan

Location: Nagano Prefecture

Vehicle: CX-5 (KF)

Date: 12/28/2021

Parts used: Motion Control Beam (MCB)

This is amazing and should definitely be installed. It is designed to absorb slight vibrations and it feels like the car has become better because the car has become smoother. I'm very satisfied as you can feel this slight change especially when you accelerate. It is understandably expensive. 

Name: Not provided

Location: Kanagawa Prefecture

Vehicle: CX-5 (KF)

Date: 12/28/2021

Parts used: Lowering Spring, Adjustable stabilizer links, sports tie rod end

The CX-5 is originally a cool car, but I couldn't stand the gap between the tires and the body being so wide. I wanted to lower the car at some time, so I asked the dealership to install the lowering spring prior to taking delivery of the vehicle. Since the CX-5 is an SUV, it doesn't make sense to lower the vehicle height too much, in addition, it looks uncomfortable and uncool. However, the Autoexe lowering spring does not lower the car too much and makes the car much more elegant and sporty, offering a good balance. 

When I took the car home initially, the ride was noticeably stiff, and I thought I had made a mistake by having the lowering spring installed. However when the mileage exceeded 5,000km, the feeling of stiffness had nearly disappeared, and by the time the car hit 13,000 kms, I could not even sense it anymore. Now I feel like I can handle uneven roads with confidence, though it will take some time to get used to it. 

I don't feel like I'm driving an SUV, probably because I have the adjustable stabilizer link and sports tie rod for handling, and I get the impression that I can corner in the bends comfortably. Since I had all items installed at the time of delivery, I can't compare what it was like to before.

Another big advantage of having the lowering spring is that even though I am 167cm tall, I've noticed that it's much easier to get in and out of the car compared to when I test-drove a standard ride height CX-5. My wife can't tell the difference, but I think she is benefitting a lot from the lower ride height.