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Blitz Coilover Damper ZZ-R - Lexus IS300h AVE30 (2013 - 2015)
Blitz Coilover Damper ZZ-R - Lexus IS300h AVE30 (2013 - 2015)

Blitz Coilover Damper ZZ-R - Lexus IS300h AVE30 (2013 - 2015)

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Blitz Coilover Damper ZZ-R - Lexus IS300h AVE30 (2013 - 2015)


  • A single mono tube damper is adopted for the entire lineup
  • 32 way adjustable damper rates
  • Ideal for both street or circuit use.
  • A large 44mm diameter piston is used (Some vehicles excluded)
  • This damper can be overhauled to maintain prime condition.

A single mono tube design is adopted for the complete range. A large 44mm diameter low friction piston control initial damping, allowing a comfortable ride but a great driving response.

Drivability & Comfort:

A 32 way damping rate is incorporated into both shock absorbers. With such a wide range of adjustable, driving performance and ride comfort are maintained at the highest level, even at low speed. Spring rate is setup for each vehicle. A comfortable ride can be achieved with the height adjustment function which allows enough stroke for any driving conditions.


The spring sheet and upper mounts are finished in a red alumite. The brackets are finished in a classy matte black. The height adjustment function is shown in millimeters, allowing a wide range of setting to suit any driving conditions.


Pre-load adjustment of the spring and the height can be adjusted separately. A variety of damping rates can be achieved through simple adjustment. Camber adjustment allows alignment to be set to personal preference.


The cylinder case is finished in a black chrome overlay and the bracket is finished in a special point to improve durability and anti-corrosion.

This damper can be overhauled/ rebuilt to maintain prime condition.

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