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  4. Blitz Hand Brake & Shift Knob Combo - GR86
Blitz Hand Brake & Shift Knob Combo - GR86
Blitz Hand Brake & Shift Knob Combo - GR86

Blitz Hand Brake & Shift Knob Combo - GR86

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Blitz Hand Brake & Shift Knob Combo - GR86

The Blitz Racing Hand Brake Lever is made out of genuine leather that is used for the main part of the grip, so you can enjoy the warmth and textured feel of the leather every time you hold it in your hand. The machined aluminum body features a beautiful red anodized finish that, combined with the elegance of leather, transforms the interior of the vehicle. The Blitz Racing hand brake lever is designed to fill out the hand by making the lever diameter thicker than the genuine OEM 86 lever. This hand brake lever is designed for the FRS, GT86, GR86, & BRZ platforms.

The Blitz Racing Shift Knob is made of a POM (resin), which is less susceptible to temperature changes. The Blitz Racing shift knob features a beautifully curved, ergonomic shape that has been calculated from many years of experience by an industrial designer. In addition, the aluminum collar has a red anodized finish to create a sporty look. This shift knob is designed for the FRS, GT86, GR86, & BRZ platforms but can be used on other vehicles sharing the same thread pitch of M12x1.25.

Handbrake Specs:
  • Color: Black Leather w/ Red Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Shape: Hand Brake Lever is thicker than OEM 86 Lever

Shift Knob Specs:

  • Color: Black Resin w/ Red Anodized Aluminum Collar
  • Weight: ~108g (OEM 86 Shift Knob weight approx. 197g) 
  • Diameter: 44.5mm (OEM 86 Shift Knob diameter approx 48mm)

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