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Blitz Shift Knob - Black
Blitz Shift Knob - Black

Blitz Shift Knob - Black

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Blitz Shift Knob - Black

The Blitz Racing Shift Knob is made of a POM (resin), which is less susceptible to temperature changes. The Blitz Racing shift knob features a beautifully curved, ergonomic shape that has been calculated from many years of experience by an industrial designer. In addition, the aluminum collar has a red anodized finish to create a sporty look. This shift knob is designed for the FRS, GT86, GR86, & BRZ platforms but can be used on other vehicles sharing the same thread pitch of M12x1.25.

  • Color: Black Resin w/ Red Anodized Aluminum Collar
  • Weight: ~108g (OEM 86 Shift Knob weight approx. 197g) 
  • Diameter: 44.5mm (OEM 86 Shift Knob diameter approx 48mm)

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