Insurance & Damage

All products are insured for its value and packed well for precaution; however, accidents may happen. In the event a product(s) arrives damaged to your location, please follow the steps listed below.

All damaged item(s) must be reported to the shipping carrier immediately and you must notify Footwork Autosport within 48 hours of receiving your order. If these steps are not followed, your shipment may not be able to be a candidate for the insurance claim. Your order # will be the main reference number (Make sure you keep your order #).

After we acknowledge your claim through email or telephone call, please provide us the following information:

*               Take detailed pictures of the damaged product(s) and all of its content and email to us (Please include your order #)
*               Keep the product(s) and its original packaging as it arrived.
*               Make a list of the damaged or lost item(s).
*               DO NOT send the product(s) back to us; once we received the information listed above we will file a damage claim with the shipping carrier. Once a damage claim is filed, we will respond to you with further instructions.

(This is only for item(s) received as damaged)