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Kakimoto - Muffler Earth Grounding Cable
Kakimoto - Muffler Earth Grounding Cable

Kakimoto - Muffler Earth Grounding Cable

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Kakimoto - Muffler Earth Grounding Cable (Universal)

Installing a high-flow exhaust system can cause greater static electricity due to static electricity being generated from gases and liquids passing through. Exhaust gas flows at a high rate of speed, and the friction of exhaust gas against the exhaust generates static electricity. Therefore, it is essential to ground the exhaust system. Since the muffler is suspended from the vehicle body with rubber hanger mounts, there are few escape routes for that static electricity to return to the battery's negative post. Static electricity is charged, which can hinder an engine response and rob horsepower.

Kakimoto Muffler Earth removes static electricity and has the following effects:

Engine Power, Torque & Response improved
It helps reduce unwanted static noises generated by the electrical system and audio system and improves circuit stability

The grounding wires used in the engine compartment are made of copper wires covered with vinyl sleeving, but using this style of ground wire can be dangerous if installed on a muffler, which sees high temperatures. In general, if there is no coating on the ground wire it will easily corrode and built-up corrosion will lead to increased resistance value on the ground cable. To make the grounding cable suitable for high-temperature exhaust use, Kakimoto Racing uses an expensive nickel-plated specification with a melting point of 1400°C on their muffler earth ground cable.

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