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Kakimoto Racing GT1.0Z Racing - FRS, BRZ, & GT86 ZN6/ZN8
Kakimoto Racing GT1.0Z Racing - FRS, BRZ, & GT86 ZN6/ZN8

Kakimoto Racing GT1.0Z Racing - FRS, BRZ, & GT86 ZN6/ZN8

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Kakimoto Racing GT1.0Z Racing - FRS, BRZ, & GT86 ZN6/ZN8

This is the Kakimoto Regu.06 & R exhaust system for the Toyota GT86 & FRS ZN6 - ZN8 and Subaru BRZ ZD6 - ZD8 platforms. Lighter! Faster! Functional! The GT1.0Z Racing features one of the world's strongest, ultra-lightweight, and ultra-high-performance racing mufflers that maximize weight reduction and tuning car performance.GT1.0Z Racing is a muffler that has been fine-tuned to the point where it emphasizes weight reduction and power in order to enjoy circuit driving, so it sacrifices a little durability. The 1.0mm thick pipe muffler is not the same standard for durability as the conventional Kakimoto Kai exhaust system because of its lightness and its application for racing use. Even if the muffler is slightly less durable than a conventional muffler, it has a structure unique to Kakimoto Kai so that it can be used for as long as the car's life. By adopting the floating lock-on method, the T-bolt clamp gently and securely tightens the pipe, eliminating the deformation of the pipe due to tightening like the conventional U-band joint method. Structural design is also given to allow easy replacement. 

The GT1.0Z Racing is equipped with an unparalleled structure with meticulous attention to detail. It is a maniac model that deserves to be called the highest peak of the Kakimoto Kai exhaust system. Although the volume is loud, the clear sound quality makes you feel that "this is the Kakimoto Kai sound".

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Muffler Tip Finish - Titanium burnt special coating
  • Welding Method - Tig Welded
  • Sound Limit - 106db ; 79db at idle
  • Weight - 6.8KG (~15 lbs)
  • Pipe Diameter- 60mm
  • Tail Diameter- 90mm
  • Tail Pipe Location- Left Exit 
  • Fitment - 2013 to current FRS, BRZ, & GT86 ZN6 - ZN8 

**Fits 2013-2022+ Generation Models**
**This is a Racing exhaust meant for use on track and circuit only**

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 

For international clients, please email [email protected] for shipping quotation.

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