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Kakimoto Racing Kakimoto R. - Honda S2000
Kakimoto Racing Kakimoto R. - Honda S2000

Kakimoto Racing Kakimoto R. - Honda S2000

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Kakimoto Racing Kakimoto R. - Honda S2000

This is the Kakimoto R. series for the Honda S2000 Platform. The Kakimoto R. Series truly represents the Kakimoto Kai philosophy, providing a great balance of sound and performance. Kakimoto's exhaust systems have become synonymous with high-performance, high-quality mufflers because of its deep sound and its ability to achieve high torque and high power that does not disappoint. The Kakimoto R. series features a double diffuser structure that creates a layer of air between the hot exhaust and the cool ambient air, and regulates the exhaust note. The double diffuser also acts as an air-cooling fan while the internal structure features a high sound deadening effect that meets JASMA standards. The Kakimoto R. series exhaust provides a high power response at high rpm, keeps the proper exhaust gas pressure, and keeps the low to medium rpm torque. Whether you're taking your vehicle to the track or are just a spirited street driver, the Kakimoto R. achieves a high-level of performance regardless.

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Muffler Tip Finish - Stainless Steel
  • Welding Method - Tig Welded
  • Sound Limit - 93db; 67db at idle
  • Fitment -  1999 to 2009 Honda S2000

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