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LegSport Clubsport Ducktail Spoiler (FRP) - GR86/BRZ
CFRP Version Pictured for Example

LegSport Clubsport Ducktail Spoiler (FRP) - GR86/BRZ

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Legsport ClubSport Ducktail Spoiler FRP - GR86/BRZ - ZN8/ZD8

Enhance the aerodynamics and appearance of the GR86/BRZ with the LegSport Clubsport Rear Trunk Spoiler. With the addition of the spoiler, the vehicle will remain close to the ground and the spirited driver will find improved handling when traveling at high speeds.  


  • Material - Unpainted Fiberglass (FRP) 
  • Fitment - GR86 (ZN8) / BRZ (ZD8) 

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