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Pivot 3-Drive EVO Throttle Controller
Pivot 3-Drive EVO Throttle Controller

Pivot 3-Drive EVO Throttle Controller

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Pivot 3-Drive EVO Throttle Controller (Harness Sold Separately)

Pivot’s 3-Drive Pro allows adjusts to the engine output according to the amount of throttle used. This module features three modes: "power mode", "response mode", and "ECO mode". Power and Response modes increase the throttle response, while Eco mode reduces the response and facilitates fuel-efficient driving. Pivot’s simplified wiring prevents need for a power connection to the OBD port, making it possible to use other OBD connected products without a splitter. It also includes an initialization style set-up that makes sure that malfunctions will never occur, no matter what type of pedal is being used. This product also features a safety system which automatically returns to “NORMAL” mode upon poor connection or trouble ensures your safety.


  • “POWER” mode with 7 steps for increasing response across all ranges
  • “RESPONSE” mode with 5 steps for increasing response, similar to a cable throttle, in the lower and middle ranges
  • “ECO” mode with 5 steps for suppressing rapid acceleration to help increase gas mileage
  • “NORMAL” mode for regular driving
  • Highly precise monitoring displays accelerator opening in units of 1 from 5% to 100%.
  • Can be used in euro cars as well as those equipped with collision mitigation systems.

-Find the corresponding harness for your vehicle here

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*Specific Vehicle Harness Sold Separately*

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