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Pivot BLP Throttle Controller for MT Cars
Pivot BLP Throttle Controller for MT Cars

Pivot BLP Throttle Controller for MT Cars

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Pivot BLP Throttle Controller for MT Cars (Harness Sold Separately)

Pivot’s 3-Drive BPL not only allows adjusts the throttle response but also includes an Auto-Blipping feature! Auto-Blipping removes the need for the conventional "heel and toe" technique used to raise rpms with the throttle while braking at the same time. This aids in preventing slipping and turbulent motion caused by rapid downshifts when driving in manual transmission vehicles. Converting to an Auto-Blip system allows the driver to concentrate more on braking, which in turn results in a more accurate and smoother deceleration. This automatic operation is safe as the Auto-Blipping function does not operate without braking or when a set speed has not been reached. When using blipping to raise the engine's rpms, it is possible to fine tune the settings for degree of acceleration, time length of operation and the speed at which blipping starts. This allows a perfect match for your specific vehicle and driving style. Once the engine is started, simply press the Auto-Blipping switch to ON and Auto-Blipping will engage after reaching the set speed and the clutch is depressed while stepping on the brake.


  • “NORMAL” mode for regular driving
  • "SPORTS" mode with 7 steps for a quicker response
  • "ECO" mode with 3 steps for a slower response to help increase gas mileage.
  • For Manual Transmission (MT) vehicles only!

-Find the corresponding harness for your vehicle here

-Print out a Template here to test fit in your car before you buy!

*Specific Vehicle Harness sold separately*

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 
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