Pivot Racing is now available at Footwork Autosport! Founded in 1986, Pivot Co, LTD became a supplier for race cars, providing engine control devices and instruments to race teams before forming the consumer division of Pivot in 1992. Some technical innovations created by Pivot Racing include a water-cooling spray for the intercooler and the world's lightest tachometer. 


The 3-Drive Control unit is designed to allow for full adjustability of throttle response going to the engine. As Pivot has been making throttle control and engine management devices for decades, they have thought of everything when designing their throttle controller. There are two separate variants of the 3-Drive, with each unit sharing the same great features:

  • 17-step / 4 mode adjustment for fully customizable throttle response
  • Does not need to be connected to OBD in order to work
  • Simplified wiring allows for easy install
  • Built-in fail-safe which will return to "Normal" mode upon poor connection or trouble
The 3-DRIVE EVO is the standard unit; the 3-DRIVE Pro is the low-profile version which allows for easier mounting as the display and controller are two separate units; The 3-DRIVE EVO combines both the unit and controller into one unit.

View the 3-Drive Evo Here:

View Here

View the 3-Drive Pro Here:

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The 3-Drive BLP is a throttle controller with an adjustable throttle blipping feature to provide active rev matching for manual transmissions. Both the throttle control and auto-blip can be adjusted (10-way adjustment for throttle). Much like the 3-Drive Pro, the controller and unit are two separate units for ease of mounting. 

*Every 3-Drive unit will require the appropriate harnesses that are specific to your vehicle* 

The harnesses are sold separately and can be viewed below:   

View Here

Direct Drive Throttle Direct Controller (For 86/BR-Z/FR-S)

Pivot's Direct Drive for the 86/BR-Z/FR-S is specially designed for the FR-S/86 platform, with 10 specially tailored engine modes tailored for the engine. Unlike the 3-Drive units, this is mounted directly inside the engine bay and can be done so in minutes. The case is fully sealed and the circuit board is protected by a dual-layer waterproof coating to ensure failure-free operation even when exposed to high-pressure water and condensation. The Direct Drive must be adjusted from the engine bay as it is engine mounted. 

**This cannot be used with the 3-DRIVE or any other throttle controller**

View the Pivot Direct Drive for FR-S/86/BR-Z here:

View Here

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