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Pivot Shift Lamp Pro
Pivot Shift Lamp Pro

Pivot Shift Lamp Pro

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Pivot Shift Lamp Pro

Introducing the Pivot Shift Lamp Pro, the ultimate companion for precision sports driving. With advanced warning lights and alarms, you can shift seamlessly without ever glancing at the tachometer, enhancing concentration on the road. Its sleek design allows easy installation on various interior surfaces, while high-brightness LEDs ensure visibility day or night. The digital tachometer provides precise performance metrics, including peak hold functionality, all compatible with 12v gasoline cars. Elevate your driving experience with the Pivot Shift Lamp Pro and unlock your vehicle's full potential effortlessly.

**This is a discontinued item, once we sell out we will not be able to source more**


  • MT / DSG for shift timing, AT / CVT for over-rev prevention!
  • A built-in light sensor allows you to adjust the brightness to two levels, day and night, depending on the surrounding brightness.
  • The warning light lights up 500 rpm before the set rotation, and the alarm sound and flashing at the set rotation allow for smooth operation.
  • One-touch setting with digital display from 2000 to 9900 rpm in 100 rpm increments.
  • Highly accurate display of engine rotation in 1 rpm increments from 0 to 9999 rpm.

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