Return of an item(s)

All sales are final. We do not allow returns, exchanges or refunds, except in certain situations which are defined below. Please carefully examine the product(s), description and part number, making sure the item(s) is exactly what you need before placing an order. We highly encourage you to email or call us with any pre-sale questions, so we can take the time to answer any questions you may have before you make a purchase. In the event that we have mistakenly shipped the incorrect item(s) to you (Not the correct item(s) from your confirmed purchase receipt) or if an item(s) is proved to be a manufacturing defect product(s) upon receiving (Not after you have already installed the product to your vehicle) we need you to contact us within 48 hours of you receiving the package. We require that you provide us with photos indicating the item(s) you think you wrongly received or you might think as defective.  Once we examine the photos and have decided the item(s) is either wrongly shipped or is a defective item(s) that requires further examination, we will provide you with an RMA# and shipping labels to send the product(s) back.

For wrongly shipped item(s) - Once we have received the wrongly shipped item(s), we will examine the item(s) for package condition and making sure product(s) has not been installed, damaged or is missing parts.  If the package(s) or item(s) is opened, damaged or if there are missing parts, we reserve the rights to charge you up to 50% of the purchase price. Please DO NOT open the package(s) or try to install the product(s) so the package(s) remains in its new condition.

For manufacturer defective item(s) – Once we have received the claimed defective product(s), we will examine the product(s) claimed defective area.  Once we conclude our examination, if the item(s) is defective, we will ship a replacement item(s) back to you (lead time is required for special order items/items out of stock.  If the item(s) defect is falsely claimed, we will ship the original item(s) back to you, but you are responsible for the shipping fee. If we discover that the product(s) has been installed or used, we reserve the rights to refuse the claim.

We will NOT accept returns without an RMA #.