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RevSpec TC Front - Toyota & Subaru FRS/GT86/BRZ '13-'16
RevSpec TC Front - Toyota & Subaru FRS/GT86/BRZ '13-'16

RevSpec TC Front - Toyota & Subaru FRS/GT86/BRZ '13-'16

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RevSpec TC Front Brake Pads - Toyota & Subaru FRS/GT86/BRZ '13-'16

WedsSport is best known for their high performance alloy wheels. However, WedsSports years of participation in motor sport racing has accumulated wealth of knowledge in other area of high performance components. For many years, WedsSport has a line of performance brake pads called REVSPEC. The REVSPEC brake pads are developed with the assistance and contribution from our stable of professional racing drivers, formulating the best choice of brake performance in many levels.

The"REVSPEC TC (Technical Control)" is developed for sport minded drivers that demands high braking power, consistency and modulation. The pad compound is specially formulated to correspond with temperature changes for various use and conditions such as circuit driving, daily driving and spirited driving. Performance emphasizing on positive brake feel, fade resistance and predictability, especially in mid and low speed corners. Great choice for weekend track and autocross events. 

*These pads will fit Toyota & Subaru FRS/ BRZ/ GT86 calipers 2013-2016*

Pad Specs:

  • Proprietary environmental friendlier Non-Asbestos (hardened material).
  • 122 ~ 932 Degree (F); Best to warm up brake to minimum operating temperature for best performance.
  • Low brake dust and noise
  • OEM fit, no guess work
  • Excellent for circuit and spirited driving.
  • Over 1000 different applications for Japanese vehicles.

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