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Sard '86' Oil Dip Stick & Oil Drain Plug Combo

Sard "86" Oil Dip Stick & Oil Drain Plug Combo

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Part Number: SARD-ODS-19331 & SARD-SMD-19347
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Sard Racing "86" Oil Dip Stick & Oil Drain Plug Combo - ZN6 / ZN8

This replacement oil dipstick is a great way to improve the look of your GT86/ FRS/ GR86/ BRZ's  engine bay. This is an Officially licensed "86" product and a limited edition item from Sard Racing.

Sard Racing's Aluminum Drain Plug will capture metallic pollutants and microscopic particles that reside in motor oils, even those which may not be captured by oil filters. The A-7075 Duralumin alloy drain plug body material is a standard in the aerospace industry, being one of the lightest and most durable, and comes integrated with an aluminum gasket ring as well.

Dipstick Specs:
  • This is a full replacement for your OEM dipstick. 
  • Matches the "86" Logo on the FRS/ GT86/ GR86

Drain Plug Specs:
  • Thread Pitch: M16x1.50

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