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Super Star
Super Star 'Leon Hardiritt' Replacement Air Valve Stem (SL-07) (Chrome)

Super Star "Leon Hardiritt" Replacement Air Valve Stem (SL-07) (Chrome)

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Part Number: SS-ACC-SL07
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Super Star Replacement Air Valve Stem


The Super Star Air Valve Stem provides a method of injecting and holding air pressure in most Super Star "Leon Hardiritt" wheels. There are 3 types of valve stem, SL-03, SL-05, and SL-07. The SL-03 generally fits all sizes of the Orden, Waffe. 

This listing is for the Chrome valve cap version. 

Fitment Guide:

  • The SL-05 generally fits the 18in and 19in Beil. 
  • The SL-07 generally fits on 18in, 19in, and 20in Bugels. 
  • For 20in Beil, please use the VS-407. 

*Price shown is for (1) Valve Stem.

! Some of these valve stems are used on older Weds multi-piece models. If you're unsure which valve stem to use, please call or email us prior to purchase !

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 

For international clients, please email [email protected] for shipping quotation. 


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