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Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant
Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant

Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant

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Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant

Create a strong, durable, and dependable seal when reassembling your 3-piece wheels with the Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant. This is the same sealant that is used by the Weds factory when they assemble 3-Piece Rim Halves. The quality of Three Bond Rim Assembly Sealant has been trusted by many rim makers in Japan. One tube contains 330 ml of sealant. 

Safety Note !

  • Store in safe, dark, cool place.
  • Keep away from children
  • Wear safety eye glasses and gloves when using this product.  Do not contact with eyes or bare skin.
  • Use in a well ventilated work area as fumes may cause headache, nauseous or irritation to your eyes.
  • Silicone is flammable - Please keep away from direct flame.
  • Do not ingest.

*Price shown is for (1) Tube of Sealant*

Weds and Super Star DOES NOT recommend that you disassemble or modify your wheels. If any repair work must be done please seek professional assistance

All sales are final. No exchange, return, or refund allowed. 

For international clients, please email [email protected] for shipping quotation. 

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