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Weds Gear - Tire Cover - Large
Weds Gear - Tire Cover - Large

Weds Gear - Tire Cover - Large

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Weds Gear - Tire Cover - Large

The Weds Gear Tire Covers are designed to quickly and easily slide over a stacked cylinder of 4 tires, and it does more than just hide your tires. It keeps your tires clean, dust-free, and protected from errant garage spills like brake fluid, paint thinner, etc. It also helps keep your wheels and tires protected from weather conditions that may cause high humidity, leaks from the rain, and UV rays from the sun. Store your wheels and tires in style and keep them lasting longer!

  • Tire cover that covers 4 tires
  • Compatible with large tires (315/22 size) such as SUVs
  • Strong rain resistance due to water-repellent color coating
  • Large Size: 800mm X 1300mm

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