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WedsSport Center Cap (Type 2)
WedsSport Center Cap (Type 2)

WedsSport Center Cap (Type 2)

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WedsSport Center Cap - Type 2

The Type 2 Center Cap is the direct replacement cap for SA-10R, SA-15R, SA-72R which originally included with the wheels. The material used in making the center caps is aluminum with a carbon weaved center lens that has the WedsSport logo laser etched to the surface. 

The Type 2 Center Cap will also fit the following WedsSport Models:

  • SA-10R
  • SA-15R
  • SA-20R
  • SA-25R
  • SA-54R
  • SA-55M 
  • SA-60M 
  • SA-70
  • SA-70TT
  • SA-72R
  • SA-77R
  • SA-90 
  • SA-90 Forged 
  • SA-97F 
  • SA-99R
  • TC-005 

*The Type 2 Center Cap will NOT fit TC-105N/TC-105X*


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