Get to know Kakimoto Racing's Exhaust lineup

To suit the tastes and needs of different drivers, Kakimoto Racing has a variety of different exhaust lines. Some vehicles will have multiple lines available, which will change the sound characteristic, appearance, power and weight in completely different ways. 
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Kakimoto Racing - A Brief History

Founded in 1975 by racing driver Yoshiyuki Kakimoto, Kakimoto Racing has grown to become one of the biggest names in the Japanese exhaust system market. Across the globe, their exhaust systems are revered for their sound, power and quality. Kakimoto Racing is one of the last few companies who still produce their exhausts in Japan by hand. Since their inception, they have cemented themselves as one of the formidable brands in the Japanese performance market.

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SARD Racing - A Hybrid History

SARD Racing is a well-recognized name in the world of Toyota/Lexus racing and parts tuning, and rightfully so. SARD has long been a participant in motor racing, and has been a Toyota backed team for over 3 decades. SARD Racing’s efforts and long-standing partnership with Toyota has allowed them to help each other in a number of ways, most notably in the development of the world’s first racing hybrid system.

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Autoexe Product Reviews (Mazda CX-5)

Autoexe Product Reviews (Mazda CX-5)

A collection of Autoexe parts reviews for the Mazda CX-5. This will be continuously updated and is listed from newest to oldest review. For Japanese reviews, they have been translated to English. 

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New & Incoming Items from Autoexe this month!

We're getting a large stocking order from Autoexe this month - see what we're getting before it arrives. All listed products will ship from our facility (No dropship). 

The AutoExe Adjustable Tie Rods allow lowered vehicles to adjust the angle of the tie rods, putting them back into their intended position, rather than at an angle. This reduces bump steer and other unwanted problems associated with off-angle tie rods. 


  • Installation takes 1 hour.  
  • Constructed from forged carbon steel
  • Fits KE Models only. See separate listing for KF model. 
Click here to check out the AutoExe Sports Tie Rods - Mazda CX-5 (KE)

Autoexe Front Strut Tower Bar (KE & KF)

To achieve better handling for the Mazda CX-5, AutoExe has manufactured a one-piece steel strut tower bar that has welded on brackets. Binding the right and left strut towers together will prevent chassis flexing and increase handling when going into corners. We have installed the KE compatible bar into one of our shop vehicles. 


  • Installation takes 30 mins 
  • Available for KE and KF 
  • Steel 1-piece structure 2-point type
View the strut tower for KE here. View the strut Tower for KF here. 

AutoExe Sports Side Visor

The Autoexe Sports Side Visor for the is one of the highest quality visors available on the market. The high performance design offers excellent wind deflection at speed as well as allowing you to vent the windows during rain. We have multiple sets of visors coming in for multiple vehicles - see what's available below:


  • 2 or 4-piece kit (depending on vehicle)
  • Smoked Finish
  • Deflects wind from the side of the car at high speeds
  • Allows you to vent the windows during rainy days
Our incoming shipment has visors for the following vehicles available. Click the vehicle to view the product listing:
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New Arrival - Autoexe Sports Induction Box

Autoexe's Sports Induction Box is a quick and easy way to increase airflow without having to resort to swapping out the rest of the intake assembly. The Autoexe sports induction box is an open type unit which uses a windowed front panel which clips on to the back of your factory airbox. Heat shield plates attach to the outside of the fiberglass frame to block engine heat. As this unit attaches to the factory airbox, you can use your factory air filter or any high-flow filter design for the stock airbox. The photographed unit is for the Mazda CX-5, however multiple applications are available for Mazda. View all sports induction boxes here. 

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Impul Window Visor Installation Guide (For Infiniti Q50)

Impul's Window Visors are some of the highest quality visors available on the market. Not only do they have superb fit and finish compared to lower priced competitors, but they offer extended features and styling to compliment your car.

Installation Instructions

1. Wash and clean the exterior of your car.

2. Remove all of the components from the box and inspect them for any damage or missing parts. You should have a pair of front and rear window visors, 8 window tabs, 8 tap-in bolts and a preparation wipe. We recommend having an additional pair of hands, painter’s tape, scissors and a flathead screwdriver (optional)

3. Remove each of the window tabs from the molded bracket. Make sure to trim the top of the tab to make the top completely flat with scissors.

4. Roll down all of the windows in the car.

5. Wipe down the exterior mounting surface where the visors will sit with soap and water, then once its dry wipe down again with the included primer wipe to make sure you have a clean surface to install the window visors. Wash your hands after handling the wipe.

6. You will see two holes on each visor. Align a window visor with the corresponding window frame, and take note of where the holes are.

7. There is a rubber seal with a narrow gap directly underneath the mounting surface. Gently pry the gap open with your fingernail or with a flathead screwdriver and insert the window tab into the gap. The hole for the tap-in bolt has a collar, this collar should be facing away from the window and towards the interior of the car. (Tip: Use electrical tape on the tip of your screwdriver to prevent any marring.)

8. Begin peeling a very small edge of the double-sided tape on one of the front window visors as shown in the instructions, then flip up the tape backing strip so it protrudes on the side. Make sure to do this for all sides on each strip.

9. Cut four or five strips of the painter’s tape and use it to hold the visor in place as you align it.
10. Check to see that the visor is aligned the way you want it to be. Once you’re happy with how it sits, grab the exposed backing strip you flipped up and slowly begin to peel the tape upwards, putting pressure on the areas of the visor you just peeled the backing from. 

11. Once the tape has been fully removed, put pressure on the visor where the adhesive is and hold for 15-20 seconds. Do this in sections until you’ve covered the whole visor.

12. Re-align the window tabs in the weather seal’s gap with the hole in the visor if needed, then place one of the tap-in bolts through it. Do this for both holes.

13. Get the rear visor for the side you put the front visor on and start to align it so you can put the window tabs in. When aligning the front of the rear visor with the backside of the front visor, make sure you put a 3mm gap to ensure adequate clearance so the rear visor does not rub against the front visor when the door is opened.

14. Place the window tabs in the rear seal’s gap like you did for the front visors.

15. Peel a small section of the backing strip from the double-sided tape and flip the backing strip so it sticks out when viewed from the front. Do this for all pieces of double-sided tape on this visor.

16. Align and secure the visor with 4-5 strips of painter’s tape.

17. Grab the exposed backing strip you flipped up and slowly begin to peel the tape upwards, putting pressure on the areas of the visor you just peeled the backing from.

18. Once the tape has been fully removed, put pressure on the visor where the adhesive is and hold for 15-20 seconds. Do this in sections until you’ve covered the whole visor.

19. Re-align the window tabs in the weather seal’s gap with the hole in the visor, then place one of the tap-in bolts through it. Do this for both holes.

20. Repeat instructions 6 through 19 for the other side.


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One (Hub) Ring to Rule Them All - The Truth About these Rings

Hub rings, along with the wheels they are coupled with are often subjects of “misleading information.” Although their function is simple and straightforward, there are many myths about them. Their function, the types of materials they are made from, and the story behind their creation has been subjected to a game of telephone which has lasted far too long. As a result, we feel that it is necessary to clear the air on this topic.

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Pivot Racing is now available at Footwork Autosport!

Pivot Racing is now available at Footwork Autosport! Founded in 1986, Pivot Co, LTD became an supplier for race cars, providing engine control devices and instruments to race teams before forming the consumer division of Pivot in 1992. Some technical innovations created by Pivot Racing include a water cooling spray for the intercooler and the world's lightest tachometer. 


The 3-Drive Control unit is designed to allow for full adjustability of throttle response going to the engine. As Pivot has been making throttle control and engine management devices for decades, they have thought of everything when designing their throttle controller. There are two separate variants of the 3-Drive, with each unit shares the same great features:
  • 17 step/ 4 mode adjustment for fully customizable throttle response
  • Does not need to be connected to OBD in order to work
  • Simplified wiring allows for easy install
  • Built in fail-safe which will return to "Normal" mode upon poor connection or trouble
The 3-DRIVE EVO is the standard unit; the 3-DRIVE Pro is the low-profile version which allows for easier mounting as the display and controller are two separate units; The 3-DRIVE EVO combines both the unit and controller into one unit. View the 3-DRIVE EVO by clicking here and view the 3-DRIVE PRO by clicking here.


The 3-Drive BLP is a throttle controller with an adjustable throttle blipping feature to provide active rev matching for manual transmissions. Both the throttle control and auto-blip can be adjusted (10 way adjustment for throttle). Much like the 3-Drive Pro, the controller and unit are two separate units for ease of mounting. 

*Every 3-DRIVE unit that exists will require the appropriate harnesses that are specific for your vehicle. The harnesses are sold separately and can be viewed here. 

Direct Drive Throttle Direct Controller (For 86/BR-Z/FR-S)

Pivot's Direct Drive for the 86/BR-Z/FR-S is specially designed for the FR-S/86 platform, with 10 specially tailored engine modes tailored for the engine. Unlike the 3-Drive units, this is mounted directly inside the engine bay and can be done so in minutes. The case is fully sealed and the circuit board is protected by a dual layer waterproof coating to ensure failure free operation even when exposed to high pressure water and condensation. The Direct Drive must be adjusted from the engine bay as it is engine mounted. This cannot be used with the 3-DRIVE or any other throttle controller.  

View the Pivot Direct Drive for FR-S/86/BR-Z by clicking here

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Blitz Racing Returns Home!

In 1993, a small shop in Torrance, CA known as Zen Motorsports began importing in Blitz Racing products prior to the establishment of Blitz Racing USA. Today, the former owner of Zen Motorsports is now the founder/owner of Footwork Autosport, and the brand returns to the home of its original importer, with our first products hitting our warehouse shelves today. 
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